Fentanyl, also known by the brand names of Actiq, Duragesic, and Fentora is a pain management medication that is prescribed by doctors for people with serious pain issues. There are many different reasons why people use Fentanyl and it is a medication that needs to be taken with extreme caution. It is available in many different forms, and if you are suffering from extreme pain, this is something that your doctor may prescribe to you to help alleviate the pain you are in or at least take your pain to a manageable level. Fentanyl is used only for people that are having moderate to severe pain; generally it is for people that suffer from chronic pain. This medication is prescribed once other pain medications are no longer working. This medication actually works by targeting receptors in the brain and spinal cord that give you the feeling of pain and blocking them. This works similar to other drugs that are opioids. It also is prescribed for a lot of cancer patients to help block the pain that they are felling. This, however, is a very dangerous medication and too much of it can actually lead to your death. There are many side effects from taking Fentanyl, people experience issues like drowsiness, dry mouth, constipation, euphoria, weakness, fatigue, and others. Some of the side effects like constipation can be severe and may require help from your doctor to relieve. Fentanyl can cause serious respiratory problems that can lead to death, so you should not take it of you have been taking continuous opioid pain medications. The Fentanyl medication is available in different forms. The most common form of Fentanyl is a patch that provides constant pain relief while you are wearing the patch. But, this medication also comes in the form of a pill, lozenge, a shot, IV, or a film that dissolves in your mouth. Find out from your doctor what is the best option for you, sometimes it depends on the condition that you are being treated for. If you are interested in the breakdown of Fentanyl and what is in the medication that you are taking, it is important to get it tested in a lab setting. If you are going to do this, the most effective way to tell what the confirmation and the quantification of the medication, you need to get it tested using a Liquid Chromatography mass spectrometry. This is the most effective way to see what is the breakdown of the Fentanyl is. There are many people that are in such severe pain that they haven’t found a pain medication that works for them. In this case, there are medications that were created to block pain receptors in the back and the spine. One of these medications that is extremely effective is Fentanyl and will help people to live their lives as normal as they can. It is extremely important to use Fentanyl as directed and work with a doctor if there are any side effects.