Spice, or K2, is known as synthetic cannabis and is a chemically created product that is able to mimic the effects of cannabis without people doing the actual drug itself. This synthetic drug is called K2 or Spice most commonly because those are two of the larger brand names that people know it by. There are many different reasons why Spice was created and a lot of people feel that this is an acceptable option for a legal form of marijuana that will provide them with the high that they want, but will do it in a legal way. Spice was first created in the first part of 2000. What people thought that the makers of Spice had done was to make a legal version of cannabis by mixing together herbs that were completely legal. But, all they had done was create a synthetic strain of cannabinoids that acted like THC which is what is in natural cannabis. The point of this, however, was that it was legal because it was not cannabis and was sold on the internet, in head shops, and could even be found in some gas stations. In terms of the effects of Spice, people state that they get a similar high to cannabis with THC when they use it which is why a lot of people have turned to it. For the most part, it was legal in states which allowed them to use it and feel like they weren't going to be persecuted for using it. But, the problem with it is that there are some side effects that you don't get from THC. People experienced vomiting, agitation, psychosis, and even withdrawal symptoms in some cases. For this reason, it started to become something that the government considered a drug of concern and states started to ban it. If you are curious as to if Spice is present in a sample, you need to take a look at that sample in detail. There are some great ways to test what is in a drug and see what it is made up of and how that make up is broken down. One of the best ways to do this is to find a testing company that will test for confirmation and quantification by using Liquid Chromatography mass spectrometry, so that you get the most accurate results of how the drug is broken down. Spice is a very interesting synthetic drug that people have tried to use to replace the banned substance marijuana. However, over time, it has been found that Spice or K2 has the same make up as cannabis, it just is made with synthetic ingredients. For the most part, this synthetic drug has now been banned because people aren't just sure if it safe or how it reacts in the body. It is important to understand what is in the drug Spice so that you know how it can effect your body and how it can harm your body. Understand K2 or Spice so that you can know if it is safe for use.