Medicare Code 80101 Reimbursem
When it comes to billing for Medicare, there are always changes in the codes or in the way that the billing is done each year. In 2011, one of the biggest Medicare reimbursement code changes was for the Medicare code 80101. If you do medical billing or are managing a center that works with Medicare, it is very important that you know these changes, understand how they effect you, and embrace them so that you are able to get the payments that you are rightly owed in a timely manner. Read up on the changes for code 80101 and know how it affects you. The Medicare billing code 80101 is a billing code that is used for a drug screening test. At a doctor’s office, they may administer a drug screening test to see what in a urine sample they are able to find in the patient’s blood, this can be very important in treating the patient properly and prescribing and administering medications. There actually has been an increase of billings for the rapid diagnostic drug tests and Medicare wants to make sure that there is no abuse of the system. To do this, they have had to implement changes. In 2011, the Medicare billing code 80101, which was used for a single drug class method drug screen was replaced by G0431. This code eliminates a payment for a single class drug test without the office that is doing the testing doing the test on a table top reader. The table top reader is substantially more expensive, but with the payout the Medicare offers on most drug screens, the doctor is still making a profit. This change went into effect on January 1st, 2011. It is important to not bill under the old code of 80101 as it will either delay payment or prevent payment for the services that you have provided. With the G0431 screening code, it is basically making it so that drug testing has to use the most effective and the most efficient testing process that is out there. This way, there is a limited chance that another test will need to be done and that more billing will be made on the part of the patient. The G0431 screening code shows that the doctor’s office is using the most up to date equipment which will ensure the best results that are out there. This is very important to create efficiency in this system. It is important that if you deal with Medicare and Medicare billing that you are on top of the changes that happen with the billing codes. These changes will affect the way that people were paid and the way that your office bills the different things that they provide services for. In order to get paid in a timely manner, you want to be sure that you are doing everything that you can and using the new, corrected codes, it will really speed everything up and ensure you get the money you are entitled for the services that you’ve performed.